Full Length Adventures

  1. An Evil Plot Unfolds/A Powerful Villian Emerges/A Desparate Rescue Begins/Scruffty's Big Dig/Bob's Boots (1999)
  2. The Second Warning/Mr. Beasley's Do-It-Yourself Disaster/Spud Lends a Hand (1999)
  3. No Hard Feelings/Dizzy's Crazy Paving (1999)
  4. Bianca Strikes Back/Bob's White Christmas/Bob and the Big Freeze (2001)
  5. Hunter's Tussle/Bob of the North/Special Delivery Spud (2001)
  6. Byrd, James Byrd/Bob's Bugle (2001)
  7. Spike is Born/Inspector Spud/Travis' Trailer (2002)
  8. An Apology, and Lunch/Wendy's Moving Company/Speedy Skip (2002)
  9. A Duplicitious, Larcenous Ursine/Mr. Bentley's Trains (2002)
  10. A Monster to End All Monsters/Scoop the Disco Digger/Spud's Statue (2004)
  11. The Escape!/Skip's Big Idea/Muck's Surprise (2004)
  12. The Dancing Bear/Trix and the Bug (2004)
  13. Deja Vu?/A Familiar Face/Billy in the Wall/One Less Noble Warrior/A Christmas to Remember/The End (2003)

Level ​Phrases from Bob and Spyro's Year of the Builder's Dragon

21 Full-Length Adventures 

Cast of Characters

  1. Bob the Builder
  2. Wendy
  3. Pilchard the Cat
  4. Muck the Dump Truck
  5. Lofty the Crane
  6. Scoop the Backhoe Digger
  7. Roley the Steam Roller
  8. Dizzy the Mixer
  9. Spyro the Dragon
  10. Sparx the Dragonfly
  11. Hunter the Cheetah
  12. Mr. Dragon
  13. Zoe the Fairy
  14. Bianca the Rabbit
  15. The Professor
  16. Elora the Faun
  17. Bobby the Mountain Goat
  18. Moneybags the Bear
  19. Sheila the Kangaroo
  20. Sgt. Byrd the Flying Penguin
  21. Bentley the Yeti
  22. Agent 9 the Space Monkey
  23. Farmer Pickles
  24. Scruffty the Dog
  25. Spud the Scarecrow
  26. Travis the Tractor
  27. Bird
  28. Mr. Beasley
  29. Mr. Dixon
  30. Mrs. Potts
  31. Mrs. Percival
  32. Jenny
  33. Mrs. Broadbent
  34. Mrs. Bentley
  35. Skip the Delivery Truck
  36. J.J.
  37. Trix the Forklift
  38. Molly
  39. Mr. Costello
  40. The Mayor
  41. Tom
  42. Pogo
  43. Scoot the Sleigher
  44. Lennie and the Rock Stars
  45. Banger

Star Seekers

  1. Trainee - Dragonfly Girl
  2. 1-star seeker - Red
  3. 2-star seeker - Orange
  4. 3-star seeker - Yellow
  5. 4-star seeker - Light Green
  6. 5-star seeker - Blue
  7. 6-star seeker - Purple
  8. Champion - Rainbow

Sparx's Objects

  1. Shield (Orange with the Letter S)
  2. Sparx and Stella's Butterfly Wings (Blue and Purple and Magenta and Violet Red)
  3. Magic Wand (Black)

Spyro, Sparx and Stella's Crystal Costumes

  1. Spyro, Sparx and Stella's Crystal Hats (Pink and Magenta Hat with the Letter S, Light Green and Green Hat with a Crystal and Stella's Crown with a Crystal)
  2. Stella's Necklace (Yellow and Purple) 
  3. Spyro, Sparx and Stella's Crystal Shirts with Crystals (Yellow, Blue and Red)
  4. Spyro's Crystal Pants with Crystals (Orange)

Stella's Bag with Magical Crystals

  1. Yellow Crystal
  2. Green Crystal
  3. Blue Crystal
  4. Red Crystal

The Dragonfly Kingdom

  1. Crystal Castle
  2. The Sun
  3. Trees and Grass
  4. Ocean
  5. Rainbow
  6. Magical Crystal Shard

Sparx's Wishing Crystal Necklace

  1. Spyro's Power Crystal Necklace
  2. Cyndia in the Wishing Crystal Necklace

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