Gateway to Grimmer Episodes

  1. We Need a Vacation!
  2. I've Got a Dragon!/Bob's Barnraising/Square Dance Spud
  3. I'm a Faun, you Dork!/Mucky Muck/Scruffty's Bath Time
  4. Wendy Plays Golf/Dizzy Scores a Goal
  5. Magentic Lofty/Wendy's Watering Can
  6. Roley and the Rock Star/Bob on the Run/No Dragons, Wonderful!/Bring it on, Shorty!
  7. Boo!/Bob and the Bandstand
  8. Scoop Has Some Fun/Wendy's Bright Plan
  9. Travis Paints the Town/Spud in the Clouds
  10. Travis and Scoop's Race Day/Sporty Spud
  11. Sneezing Scoop/Spud Goes Apple-Picking
  12. Scoop's Stegosourus/Scruffty the Detective/Bob's Metal Detector/Gulp, Lunchtime!/Spyro, You Did It!
  13. You Little Fools!/Clocktower Bob/Muck's Mood
  14. Scoop Saves the Day/Sleepless Lofty
  15. Muck Gets Stuck/Muck's Short Cut
  16. Lofty to the Rescue/Lofty the Soccer Star/What?! You Again!/Come on, Sparx!

Cast of Characters

  1. Bob the Builder
  2. Wendy
  3. Pilchard the Cat
  4. Spud the Scarecrow
  5. Bird
  6. Muck the Dump Truck
  7. Lofty the Crane
  8. Scoop the Backhoe Digger
  9. Roley the Steam Roller
  10. Dizzy the Mixer
  11. Spyro the Dragon
  12. Sparx the Dragonfly
  13. Travis the Tractor
  14. Farmer Pickles
  15. Scruffty the Dog
  16. Mr. Bentley
  17. Mrs. Percival
  18. Lennie and the Rock Stars
  19. Hunter the Cheetah
  20. Elora the Faun
  21. The Professor
  22. Zoe the Fairy
  23. Moneybags the Bear
  24. Crush
  25. Gulp
  26. Ripto

Star Seekers

  1. Trainee - Rabbit Princess
  2. 1-star seeker - Red
  3. 2-star seeker - Orange
  4. 3-star seeker - Yellow
  5. 4-star seeker - Green
  6. 5-star seeker - Blue
  7. 6-star seeker - Purple/Power and Wishing Crystal Necklaces
  8. Champion - Treasure Chest

Sparx and Flutter's Items

  1. Two Power Rings (Red and Orange)
  2. Two Star Power Wands (Blue and Light Blue)

Spyro, Sparx and Flutter's Outfit

Wizard Costumes with lots of Stars

Spyro, Sparx and Flutter's Wizard Clothes

  1. Three Wizard Hats with lots of Stars (Pink and Violet Red, Light Blue and Blue and Blue and Yellow)
  2. Three Wizard Shirts with lots of Stars (Pink and Violet Red, Light Blue and Blue and Blue and Yellow)
  3. One Wizard Pants with lots of Stars (Violet Red and Magenta)


  1. Cyndia the Rabbit Princess
  2. The Power Crystal (Cyndia gives a power crystal necklace)
  3. The Wishing Crystal (Cyndia gives a wishing crystal necklace)

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