• Skip as Pongo
  • Lofty as Perdita
  • Bob as Roger
  • Wendy as Anita
  • Dizzy as Nanny
  • Packer as Jasper
  • Dodger as Horace
  • Tumbler as Danny
  • Scoop as Captain
  • Splasher as Colonel
  • Flex as Towser
  • Mrs. Potts as Cruella
  • Trix as Lucy
  • Scrambler as Lucky
  • Roley as Patch
  • Travis as Rolly
  • Muck as Penny
  • Benny as Cadpig
  • Sumsy as Spot
  • Rubble as Sargent Tibbs
  • Bristle as The Collie
  • R. Vee as Labrador

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