Learning Segment

Today, Roley, Dodger and Travis are all pulling passenger cars. Which vehicle do you think should collect? Which set of cars? There's the Express, 3 passenger cars, there are 2 passenger cars and there's Henrietta, 1 car. Now, let's look at the vehicles. Travis is a big vehicle. He's very strong. Roley is a medium sized vehicle. He's not as strong as Travis, but he's stronger than Dodger. Dodger is a small vehicle. He's not as strong as Travis and not as strong as Roley. The Express is 3 cars. So it will need the strongest vehicle to pull it. Can you remember who is the strongest? Dodger or Roley or Travis? Yes. Travis is the strongest. He will pull the Express today. What about the 2 passenger cars? They aren't as heavy as the Express. Who is the strongest vehicle left? Dodger or Roley? That's right. Roley is stronger than Dodger. So he will pull the passenger cars. There's only 1 car left. It's Henrietta. She isn't very heavy. Do you think Dodger can pull her? Let's see. Yes. Dodger isn't a strongest vehicle, but he can still pull Henrietta. Travis, Roley and Dodger all collected the right cars. Well done all of you.

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