Learning Segment

Today, Roley, Muck and Lofty are being repainted. But there's a problem. The labels had come off the cans of paint. No one knows which color paint is in which can? Is the paint in the first can the right color for Roley? Let's see. It's red. Is that the right color for Roley? No. Roley isn't red. What about the third can? Green. That looks better. Roley is green. Who's next? Muck. Muck is red. Can you remember which can the red paint was in? Was it this can? No. That's not right. The second can is full of blue pint. What about trying the first can again? Red. That's right. The first can is full of red paint. There's one more vehicle to be repainted. Lofty. Lofty is blue. Can you remember which can the blue paint was in? Was it this can? Yes. The blue paint is in the second can. Now, Lofty, Muck and Roley are all the right color, and how smart they look too. Well done.

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