• Bob as Tommy Williams
  • Wendy as Penny Morris
  • Mrs. Potts as Miss "Jonesy" Jones
  • Jenny as Barbara Josephine "Jo" Conway
  • Spud as Ray Lambert
  • J.J. as Morton "Hammy" Hammond
  • Mr. Bentley as Mr. Stone
  • Farmer Pickles as Nick
  • Mr. Sabatini as Thornton Reed
  • Dot as Mrs. Williams
  • Annie as Jenny
  • Jana as Pitt-Astor Girl

Musical numbers

  • "Babies on Broadway" – Chorus
  • "Anything Can Happen in New York" – Bob, Spud, and J.J.
  • "How About You?" – Wendy and Bob
  • "Hoe Down" – Wendy, Bob, The Machines, The Boys, and Chorus
  • "Chin Up! Cheerio! Carry On!" – Wendy, The Girls, and Chorus
  • "Cyrano de Bergerac" – Bob
  • "Mary's a Grand Old Name" – Wendy
  • "She's Ma Daisy" – Bob
  • "I've Got Rings On My Fingers" – Wendy
  • "La Marseillaise" – Wendy
  • "The Yankee Doodle Boy" – Bob and Wendy
  • "Bombshell from Brazil" – Wendy, Bob, J.J., Spud, Jenny, Annie, Mr. Dixon and Chorus
  • "Mama Yo Quiero" – Bob
  • "Blackout Over Broadway" – Wendy, Bob, Spud, Jenny, J.J., Annie and Chorus
  • "By the Light of the Silverly Moon" – Spud
  • "Franklin D. Roosevelt Jones" – Wendy and Chorus
  • "Old Folks at Home" – Bob
  • "Alabamy Bound" – Bob and the others
  • "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee" – Wendy, Bob, Jenny, Annie, J.J., and Chorus
  • "Babies on Broadway" (Finale) – Wendy, Bob, Jenny, Spud, J.J., and Chorus

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