• Wendy as Mitchie Torres
  • Bob as Shane Gray
  • Jenny as Theresa "Tess" Tyler
  • Marjorie as Caitlyn Gellar
  • Jana as Ella Pador
  • Annie as Margaret "Peggy" Dupree
  • Mrs. Bentley as Connie Torres
  • J.J. and Piper as Barron James and Sander Loyer
  • Molly as Lola Scott
  • Mr. Sabatini as Brown Cessario
  • Spud and Farmer Pickles as Jason Gray and Nathaniel "Nate" Gray


  • "We Rock" – Cast of Camp Rock
  • "Play My Music" – Bob, Spud, and Farmer Pickles
  • "Gotta Find You" – Bob
  • "Start the Party" – J.J.
  • "Who Will I Be" – Wendy
  • "This is Me" – Wendy and Bob
  • "Hasta La Vista" – J.J., Piper, and Jana
  • "Here I Am" – Renee Sandstrom
  • "Too Cool" – Jenny
  • "Our Time is Here" – Wendy, Molly, Jenny, Jana, Annie, and Marjorie
  • "2 Stars" – Jenny
  • "What It Takes" – Molly

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