• Bob as Danny Churchill, Jr.
  • Wendy as Ginger Gray
  • Spud as Bud Livermore
  • Farmer Pickles as Henry Lathrop
  • J.J. as Rags
  • Marjorie as Specialty Singer
  • Jenny as Polly Williams
  • Mr. Bentley as Dean Phineas Armour
  • Annie as Marjorie Tait
  • Robert as Danny Churchill, Sr.
  • Mr. Dixon as Governor Tait

Musical Numbers

  • "Treat Me Rough" – Marjorie, Bob, the Girls, and Chorus with Orchestra
  • "Bidin' My Time" – Wendy, the King's Men, and Chorus
  • "Could You Use Me?" – Bob and Wendy
  • "Happy Birthday to You" – J.J.
  • "Embraceable You" – Wendy and Chorus
  • "Fascinating Rhythm" – Orchestra
  • "But Not for Me" – Wendy
  • "I've Got Rhythm" – Wendy, Bob, and Chorus with Orchestra

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