• Lofty as Angelica
  • Scrambler as Tommy
  • Roley as Chuckie
  • Muck as Kimi
  • Dizzy as Susie
  • Scoop as Stu
  • Travis as Howard
  • Benny as Betty
  • Zoomer as Drew
  • Trix as Charlotte
  • Sumsy as Didi
  • Pilchard as Dil
  • Bob as Phil
  • Wendy as Lil
  • Skip as Binky
  • Spud as Louis
  • Mrs Potts as Lucy
  • Molly as Minka
  • Farmer Pickles as Chaz
  • Robert as Randall
  • Flex as Boris
  • R Vee as Timmy
  • Mrs Percival as Melinda
  • Jackeroo as Edwin
  • Packer as Teddy
  • Dodger as Terry
  • Bristle as Todd
  • Tumbler as Ty
  • Splasher as Harold
  • Scruffty as Spike
  • Gripper as Henry
  • Grabber as Reptar

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