• Bob as James 'Jimmy' Connors
  • Wendy as Mary Holden
  • Jenny as Barbara Frances Morgan
  • Spud as Philip "Phil" Turner
  • Piper as Willie Brewster
  • Annie as Annie
  • Dot as Mrs. Jessie Connors
  • Farmer Pickles as Mr. Judd
  • Mrs. Bentley as Mrs. May Holen
  • Mr. Sabatini as Mr. Morgan
  • Mrs. Percival as Mrs. Morgan
  • Robert as Doctor
  • Mrs. Potts as Miss Hodges
  • Mr. Bentley as Mr. Holden
  • Mrs. Broadbent as Mrs. Brewster

Musical numbers

  • "Strike Up the Band" – Wendy, Bob, and Chorus
  • "Our Love Affair" – Bob and Wendy
  • "Do the La Conga" – Wendy, Bob, J.J., Spud, and Chorus
  • "Nobody" – Wendy
  • "The Gay Nineties" – Wendy, Bob, Spud, Annie, and Chorus
  • "Nell of New Rochelle" – Wendy, Bob, and Chorus
  • "A Man Was the Cause of It All" – Wendy
  • "Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl" – Wendy, Bob, and Chorus
  • "Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-der-e" – Jenny
  • "Come Home, Father" – Piper and Wendy
  • "Drummer Boy" – Wendy, Bob, and the other band members
  • "Do the La Conga" (Reprise) – Cast
  • "Our Love Affair" (Reprise) – Wendy and Bob
  • "Drummer Boy" (Reprise) – Cast

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