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  • Bob as Ronald
  • Travis as Grimace
  • Scoop as Hamburgler
  • Flex as Dr Quizzical
  • Muck as Birdie
  • Lofty as Tika
  • Roley as Sundae
  • Packer as Fry Kid 1
  • Dodger as Fry Kid 2
  • Dizzy as Fry Kid 3
  • Tumbler as Franklin
  • Skip as the Phantom Head
  • Scrambler as McNugget 1
  • Benny as McNugget 2
  • Scoot as McNugget 3
  • Zoomer as TV Man
  • Trix as TV Woman
  • Pilchard as McSplorer
  • Smudger (From TTTE) as Bear
  • Spud as Org
  • Wendy as Org's Mom
  • Farmer Pickles as Org's Dad
  • Splasher as King Gunga
  • Daisy (From TTTE) as One Eyed Sally
  • Mr Bentley as Blue Planet
  • Robert as Announcer
  • Mr Flicks as Karate Master
  • Mr Beasley as Barber
  • George (From TTTE) as Blather

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