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Version 1 (made Skullzproductions)

  • Bob as Thomas
  • Lofty as Henry
  • Muck as Gordon
  • Scoop as James
  • Travis as Percy
  • JJ as Toby
  • Dizzy as Harold
  • Pilchard as Bertie
  • Molly as Lady
  • Spud as Diesel 10
  • Bird as Splatter and Dodge
  • Alvin (from Alvin and the Chipmunks) as Mr. Conductor

Version 2 (made by EliJBrown)

  • Scoop as Thomas
  • Roley as Henry
  • Muck as Gordon
  • Lofty as James
  • Dizzy as Percy
  • Travis as Toby
  • Sleet and Dingo (made up Bob the Builder characters) as Splatter and Dodge
  • Calvin (made up Bob the Builder character) as Diesel 10
  • NiGHTS (made up Bob the Builder character) as Lady
  • Hellie (from Roary the Race Car) as Harold
  • Casey Jr. (from Dumbo) as Bertie
  • Trix and Sumsy as Annie and Clarabell
  • Sonic characters as Bob the Builder characters

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