Bob the builder binweevils


bob as tink

travis as clott

scoop as lab

farmer pickles as kip

dizzy as bling

wendy as bunty

spud as fling

muck as flem [ muck and flem are both red ]

mrs bently as blott

jana von strudel as kem

mr bently as runt

gripper as flam [ i know gripper is male ]

grabber as slam [ i know grabber is male ]

lofty as rigg [ lofty and rigg are both blue ]

scrambler as dosh

dodger as scribbles

packer as monty

hamish the parrot as gam

fin the fish as colin the dragon

diesel [ from ttte ] as thug

daisy [from ttte ] as octeelia

diesel 10 [ from ttte ] as weevil x

more coming soon ...

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