He is a kitten that appears with Oliver's siblings (Oliver & Company) in the beginning of Oliver & Company.

Gender: Boy

Colour: Dark Gray

As one of Flo's Puppies in All Cats go to heaven (Math98 style version)

He takes pizza with other kittens to Tiger and sung a song and making a game, or playing.

As Mad Hatter in Nobita in Wonderland

He and Toby make and sing his Party named Not-Birthday, and meeting Nobita in the movie.

[[ As one of Nobita's Classmates/Friends in Merlemon

[[ As Kaltag in Olivbalto

[[ As one of Card Painters in Shizuka in Wonderland

[[ As Simba in The Kitten King (Ver.11)  and those sequels

[[ As one of Fairies in The Big Cauldron

[[ As Toothles the Skunk Lostboy in Tiger Pan

[[ As Mr. Smee in Nobita Pan

[[ As Flower in Berliozbambi

[[ As Grimsby in The Little Mer-Hannah

[[ As Ben in Hannahontas

[[ As Pinocchio in Bobbynocchio

[[ As Lampwick in Tobynocchio

[[ As Hans in Frozen (Euro-Vision style version)

[[ As Mad Hatter in Bertha in Wonderland

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