Bobo and The Mad Bomber's phone conversation(15sturmelle style)

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  • Numbuh 2(Codename: Kids Next Door)-Bobo
  • Slade(Teen Titans)-The Mad Bomber
  • Grim(The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)-Clifford
  • Numbuh 2:Muppets Tonight,how i can help you?
  • Slade:Alright man,listen and listen good.
  • Numbuh 2:Okay.
  • Slade:There's a bomb in your studio.
  • Numbuh 2:Oh i know,i read this week's script too,have a good day,sir.
  • Slade gets cut off*
  • Slade:DON"T HANG UP AGAIN!!!
  • Numbuh 2:Okay,whatever you say sir
  • Slade:Now listen to me and listen carefully.I have something very important to tell you.
  • Numbuh 2:Oh...uh should i write this down?
  • Slade:YES!!!IT"S IMPORTANT!!!
  • Numbuh 2:Hang on sir,i'm gonna put you on hold so i can find a pencil.
  • Slade gets cut off again*
  • Slade:What have you got so far?Read it back to me.
  • Numbuh 2:Listen to me and listen carefully man.
  • Slade:THAT'S IT!?Iv'e been talking for five minutes here.
  • Numbuh 2:I'm not very good at writing.I'm a bear.If you want roots dug up,i'm your bear.But writing is not what i do.
  • Slade:Listen!Is there anyone else there i can talk to?
  • Numbuh 2:OH!OH!Here comes the host of Muppets Tonight,Clifford.
  • Numbuh 2 hands the phone off to Grim*
  • Grim:Yeah.What's up,what's up?Muppets Tonight.How i can help you?
  • Slade:Listen to me and listen carefully,man.
  • Grim:Uh-huh
  • Slade:If your ratings fall below 50,a bomb's gonna go off in your studio.
  • Grim:Are you from The Network!?
  • Slade:No.I'm serious.Now keep your ratings above 50 or else man.
  • Grim:50?We can't keep our ratings that high.
  • Slade:Well that's your problem.

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