Bogan Amphitheater is, unlike it's name would say, much more like an opera house. When the building was finished in structure, the entrance hall was decorated with statues of important figures in Sith History and the walls of the corridors were painted with large paintings of many battles or duels between the Jedi and Sith, battles between the Republic and the Sith Empires and of important meetings between people and factions in Sith History. The building was opened for use with one of the largest gatherings between the Dominion-controlled worlds' leaders. It was named after the ancient word used for the Dark Side, Bogan.

The Building

The building in itself was special on Tibrin, as it was the only building not made out of coral. The Lord's Palace had it's insides covered with other materials, but the Amphitheater was made out of stone in it's entirety. It held the meeting hall and the Opera House, the other much larger and housing several thousand seats and the others smaller with only a 150 boxes with four seats in each one.


Outside the entrance there are four pillars standing and holding a roof above the entrance. The pillars are made to look like trees with roots and all. Inside the entrance, there are six pillars holding up the roof that show some of the greatest figures in Sith History just before the main reception area. There are smaller breast statues between them showing lesser, yet important figures also. The walls are filled with paintings of ancient battles, duels and meetings between the Sith and their enemies. Gold is also used in the paintings to show off some small details and the pillars are covered with pure gold.

The Statues

The large statues show the following figures:

The smaller show the following instead:

Meeting Hall

The meeting hall held 150 boxes, rather than seats, that were placed in a similar style that the Senate Building used to have during the Old Republic's waning days but in a more amphitheater-like steep stepped positions. The speaker stand was on ground level with every box having screens and cameras so they could see and be seen when others talked and they talked respectively. There were four entrances on each level, each of them having two guards outside the entrance, checking everyone's clearance before letting them pass inside. Within the actual chamber. the insides are made out of wood from a planet on the other side of the Sith Dominion and the walls are full of paintings about ancient battles between the Sith Empires and the Republic or between Sith and Jedi. The meeting hall has been used only once since the building's opening, but can also be used in military meetings or company meetings if they get the permission to hold such a meeting.

Opera House

The Opera House is built in a similar style that an auditorium, even if the architecture is taken over the top with statues, gargoyles, paintings and such with gold used in as many places as it can be used. It holds about 7,000 seats, 3,000 of them being on the balconies, 2000 in the boxes and the rest are in the arena. There are four entrances to the arena with a guard outside each entrance. There are three entrances to the balconies and each of those entrances have a guard also. In addition to the stationary guards, the corridors are patrolled in pairs by a total of twenty guards, as it is a big building. The boxes do not have specially assigned guards, but instead the four staircases have four guards each both upstairs and downstairs.

The Guards

The guards are all veteran frontline soldiers that have been recruited for the new job and trained onboard Darth Tepe's new ship. The colors have been changed to match the golden theme of the building and their armors have been colored a golden yellow with the capes having a darker yellow and a large, black Sith Dominion logo on them. They have gained the nickname "Sunguards" as the Sith Dominion logo resembles the sun and most people associate yellow with the sun.

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