Flag of Bokia

Bokia is the most southern country on the Northern Continent . Its capital city is Bokitown (it's the most southern pointt of the continent laying on the ocean).


Bokia is a coastal country. It has an exit to The Ocean, and atracts more tourists during the summer season than any other country from the Northern Continent. It borders with Astoria, Reym-L-Dneurb, and Andromeda. Also, on the west side of the Northern Continent looks up to Mountbatten Island, and on the east side of the ocean looks over to the west coast of Begonia.


The population of Bokia, according to the last census, is 10.550.000 citizens.

Ethnic composition (latest census):

Bokia in the NSC

Bokia participated 4 times in the NSC, starting from NSC3. The best position to date was the 1st place in NSC5. Bok TV is the broadcaster of the Contest in Bokia.

Edition Song Performer Final Rank
NSC3 Milioner Elena Risteska 17th
NSC4 Ti I Ja Flamingosi & Karolina 4th
NSC5 Prava Ljubav Lana & Luka 1st (winner!)
NSC6 Cija Si Toše Proeski 7th
NSC7 On My Own Maria Ilieva TBA
NSC-ESC Die For You Antique 2nd
NSC-ESC2 Od Naz Zavisi Karolina 13th
NSC-NF Daj Mi Daj Severina TBA

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