• Gabriel Parzych as Gabriel Wiggle
  • Robert Bochicchio as Robert Wiggle
  • Donald Hinzo as Donald Wiggle
  • Kayla Genereux as Kayla Genereux
  • Jon Beavers as Twist
  • Yvette Gonzalez Nacer as Kiki
  • Thomas Hobson as Shout
  • Tara Perry as Marina

And More

The Wiggles and The Fresh Beats Meet The Giene To Make Wishes But Their Wishes Are Backfired First They Met The Giene,Then The Animals In The Singing Pizza Cafe And They Take The Animals To The Park,Third Marina Wishes The Fresh Beats To Sing Like Birds But Twist and The Girls Talk Like Birds And Later Gabriel Wishes Shout To Talk Like A Bird Then Gabriel Is Shocked That Shout Is Talking Like A Bird Gabriel Wishes That He and The Other Wiggles To Moo Like Cows But The Wish Was Backfired They Talk Like Cows (Except Robert) He (Robert) Wishes That The Voices Are Normal Then Donald Wishes They We're Teeny Weeny An Later Gabriel,Donald,Robert,Kayla,Twist,Kiki,Shout And Marina Are Teeny Weeny And Kiki Wishes They're Big Then Gabriel Wishes That Their Hairs Will Be Different Then Gabriel Relized That Happened To Their Hairs Gabriel Have Yellow Hair Robert Have Purple Hair Donald Have Red Hair Kayla Have Blue Hair Marina Have Pink Hair Kiki Have Magenta Hair Twist Have Green Hair And Shout Have Dark Green Hair And He (Shout) Wishes Their Hairs Are Back To Normal Gabriel Said Hey Our Hairs Are Back To Normal and Later Kayla Accidentally Wishes To Switch Bodies Then What Happened This Is Freaky Gabriel In Marina's Body,Marina In Gabriel's Body,Robert In Kiki's Body,Kiki In Robert's Body,Donald In Twist's Body,Twist In Donald's Body,Kayla In Shout's Body And Shout In Kayla's Body Then Shout (In Kayla's Body) Wishes That They Go Inside The Bottle Where The Giene Lives And They Came To Meet The Giene And Then Kayla (In Shout's Body) Says Guess Who's Trapped In Gabriel's Body? It's Marina In Gabriel's Body They Wish That The Fresh Beats (In The Wiggles's Bodies) Wear The Wiggly Shaking Clothes And The Wiggles (In The Fresh Beats's Bodies) Wishes That They Wear Indian Clothes So Marina (In Gabriel's Body) Knows How To Switch Bodies Back And They're Back To Normal In Their Bodies And They're Ready To Start The Indian Festival


  • Gabriel (In Marina's Body) What Just Happened?
  • Marina (In Gabriel's Body) Why Am I Shorter?
  • Robert (In Kiki's Body) Why Am I A Girl?
  • Kiki (In Robert's Body) Because I'm Kiki (Screams) I'm Trapped In Robert's Body
  • Donald (In Twist's Body) And I'm Donald We're All Trapped In Each Other's Bodies
  • Twist (In Donald's Body) And Why Am I Young?
  • Kayla (In Shout's Body) I'm Trapped In Shout's Body
  • Shout (In Kayla's Body) The Giene Made Us Switch Bodies?
  • All Screaming
  • Kayla (In Shout's Body) Guess Who's Trapped In Gabriel's Body?
  • Kayla (In Shout's Body) It's Marina In Gabriel's Body
  • Shout (In Kayla's Body) I Know It's Marina In Gabriel's Body

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