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Thanks go to RonJeremy from the Bonetown Forums for providing the following content.

Power Move Boss

These fights let you learn the various drug induced power moves in the game.

To use a power move, Hold down [Shift] and roll your mouse wheel up or down to select an ability. While holding [Shift] attack as per normal with the left mouse button.

Dances with Pink Elephants

MAP: Missionary Beach

LOCATION: Tennis courts near the Ferris Wheel


This guy drinks beer then throws the bottle at you. Use the nets on the tennis court to your advantage. When he takes a drink, jump over the net and hit him twice with quick hits then follow up with a power hit. Only initiate combat when he takes a swig from his bottle. He will drop 20 beer bottles and your first special ability. This ability lets you hit others with the bottles and is very useful in many fights. Learn to use your special abilities as you wont get far in this game without them.

Aguaman, Latin Superhero

MAP: Firmwood Forest

LOCATION: On the far end of the island after the low broken bridge(the island with the boat to the trailer park)


This guy is pretty easy to beat so long as you avoid his noxious breath attack. Two fast hits followed by a power hit will knock him down.

Follow in with a few power hits as he gets to his feet. Steal his scepter when he drops it and use that for a more powerful attack. The scepter has an attack rating of 5. He will run into the water and attack you from the opposite end of where he runs into the water so be aware of this. When you have beaten him you will get the Kaya Cloud, a move that stuns opponents for a brief period. Make sure you steal Aquamans identity. He has an attack bonus of 2 and a ball size of 4.

Abe Schnook The Rabbi

MAP: Home Land Trailer Park

LOCATION: Top of north path from Pink money contest


This dude uses a fire breathing attack so keep your distance from him. You will need to use your special attacks in combination with your power melee attack to beat him. Make good use of the bottle smash on the Rabbi, you will need his special move later on so persevere with this one. Once hes beaten, you gain the fire breathing special attack and 20 whiskeys.

Joseph Smith, Founder of Mormonism

MAP: Gabacho Heights

LOCATION: Outside of church near Waste Mart


This guy packs a punch when he attacks. He also summons two Mormons to attack you. Rush him early and attack him repeatedly with the bottle attack. See if you can corner him into the side of the building. Ignore his cronies and just spam the bottle attack over and over at him. If you're fast enough, the cronies wont attack you and you will beat Joseph. His fart attack is extremely useful later in the game as it does a lot of damage and has a good range on it.

Once you have beaten him, head to the side of the Waste Mart where the garden stuff is kept behind the fence. Jump the fence and you might find a shovel on one of the benches. You will need a weed to make the jump, and you will know its the right place if there is a Ganesh idol inside. Take the shovel, it has a long range and adds 8 to your attack.

James T. Jerk

MAP: Nobbing Hill

LOCATION: End of sandbar to the west of the sorority house


The blue fist icon is out on a stretch of beach. You will now do battle with a Star Trekesque guy wielding a light saber. He has a powerful stun attack move that uses lightning.

Have around 15 mushrooms on you and hit him with the fart attack. If you land them, you will take him out without any problems. He summons Star Trek nerds to help him, so you will want to beat him as fast as you can. Make them run off by hitting with the fire attack then smash James with the fart attack for big damage. Alternatively, you could just pound him with melee attacks. Once hes down you will get the lightning attack, which is very useful in an upcoming mission.


MAP: Downtown

LOCATION: Parking lot SW of pot dealer


Rush in quick and pin Buttman to the wall with the fart attack. It will take around 10-15 attacks to get him. His attack is pretty powerful, so be careful not to let him get too close to you. Once you have beaten him, you will get the awesome Toad Fart Bomb, which does group damage while knocking you away from danger. Take Buttmans form while you're here if its an upgrade - be quick though, his body will disappear fast.


MAP: Mushroom Marsh

LOCATION: See below


Go to Nobbing Hill, find the biggest house in the southern part of the zone, behind it is a yellow marker on your map. Its the house you had to had sex with all the sorority girls to impress Britney in Mission Eight. Head towards the yellow marker and you will fall down a cliff and be at a small jetty. Take the boat here to Mushroom Marsh. Once you're there, you will see a blue fist icon on your map. Make your way towards it. You will need to use weed to jump over the various walls that are placed in your way and you will have to negotiate a very basic stone labyrynth as well as make some big jumps across water, so be sure to make use of the save point in this zone when you get to it. Eventually you will make it to the blue fist icon. If you have Buttman's toad fart bomb, you can use the shortcut over the deep water in Satan's temple.

Head up the stairs to fight Satan. He charges you and can kill you in one hit if he lands a good charge on you. If you die, you will restart just below the steps, so dont fret if you suck at fighting. Make use of the lightning attack to stun followed by the fart attack when Satan is recovering. Throw in some strong melee hits from time to time and you will take him down without too many dramas. Satan has pretty good attack, but Ron Jeremys balls are bigger. You will be rewarded with the Charge attack when you have defeated Satan.

Weed Pipes

These pipes allow you to jump higher when you take weed.

Bruce, the Dancing Queer

MAP: Missionary Beach

LOCATION: See below


Head on over to the weed pipe logo, its located to the north of the map and is marked by a white smoke-like logo.

Its beyond the ferris wheel at the base of the mountain. Beat up Bruce and you will be rewarded with the $10 pipe. Bruce will drop a pink dildo, with a damage rating of 4, so make sure you equip this as its probably the best weapon you have encountered so far.

White Jesus, Gods only son

MAP: Firmwood Forest

LOCATION: NE path from save point


Beat White Jesus up. Hes pretty easy and has no special abilities so just use the combo attack for this. Hell drop a pipe called The Sherlock, make sure you pick this up (walk over it).

Jebediah Ketchum the Missionary

MAP: Havajo Indian Reserve

LOCATION: West of tepee village


Beat this stiff to a pulp to get Chillum, the next weed pipe. You can now head back to Gabacho Heights and jump up the mountain to fight the next weed boss.


MAP: Gabacho Heights

LOCATION: Mountain SE of Hooker


You will notice that the weed pipe boss is at the top of the mountain. You will need to position yourself on the fence, directly beneath the sloping angle that drops off from the ledge above you. Take some weed, and with a running jump you should be able to make it to the ledge. It may take several attempts so stock up on hash before trying this.

Beat the crap out of Dinger to get the B1 Bonger. His weapon has a damage rating of 7, so pick it up if you dont have the shovel anymore.

Moses the Original Gangster

MAP: Nobbing Hill

LOCATION: Across the path NE of party house


Use quick attacks on Moses and pin him against the rock behind him. He goes down pretty easy. Take his tablet for a cool weapon and make sure you pick up The Ship bong.

Guru Paramanda Nogahosomie

MAP: Downtown

LOCATION: See below


Head to the weed pipe icon in Downtown. This is pretty hard to reach so read carefully. At the peak of the building with the weed icon on it is the Guru you need to fight for the Golden Bong. To get there, you must jump off two other buildings. You can only make the jump with the bong from Nobbing Hill and Satans charge special move. Go the tall sword like building with the blue umbrellas out the front it. It is directly behind the building with the bong icon on it. Look at the building from the direction you came (the bong building). To the left of this building is another shorter building. Your objective is to get on top of that building. Look back at the sword like building on the left side and you will see it has a ledge you can easily jump to with weed. Jump up there. Now go to the center window, take some more weed and jump up and press forward towards the window. You will land on the ledge of the window. You need to back away from the ledge, take another weed and jump again to land on the ledge directly above it. You will know its the right one because it has a token on it. Once youre there, take another weed and jump forward. Quickly scroll down while your at the peak of your jump and select the Satan charge to make it to the building across from you. If you land on the roof, you did well. It may take several attempts, dont stress about it just take your time and be patient. When you get on the roof, head towards the weed icon building. You have to repeat what you did before - take weed, jump, satan charge. Hopefully you will land on the weed icon building. You will find the Guru on top of the box before you. Kick his arse and take the Golden Bong.

No Boss

MAP: Man Island

The final pipe does not have a boss fight. Once you get to Man Island a Man Agent will attack you, beat him up and proceed up the road. More Agents will attack, keep beating them up until you reach the building at the end of the road. Enter the door, and be careful of the Man Agents that will attack you inside. Clear out the whole place of Man Agents. Take the steps all the way to the bottom once you have beaten up all the Man Agents. There will be 3 pipes at a dead end. The final weed pipe can be found here. Make sure you get it, as you cant finish the game without it!

Episode One Boses

Amish Cokehead

MAP: Downtown
LOCATION: SE of the church

Bt amish map

Easy to beat. Boss is not aggressive. He won't attack you unless you hit him first or try to mack his chick. Drops +8 strength weapon and crack pipe. This boss is agressive only if you begin by asking the girl to fuck.

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