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Locations/Travel Guide

Boss Fights






Token Locations



7 of the 9 maps of the game offer a collectible campaign, rewarding the collector with a special unique weapon if they find all 25 of the collectible. Each of the 7 maps have different collectibles, and each reward is unique, in both appearance and strength.

Location: This is the map/level where the collectible campaign takes place

Collection Object: This is the collectible you are searching for

Reward: This is the special unique weapon you are rewarded with after finding all 25 of the collectible.

Strength Modifier: This is the additional overall strength your character gets when equipped with this weapon.

Reward Location: Since the spawning location of the reward can be difficult to locate on some maps/levels, this is a detailed description of each reward's location.

Location Collection Object Reward Strength Modifier Reward Location
Missionary Beach Funland Tickets Carnival Mallet +4 Roof of blue/white striped roof building in front of ferris wheel
Firmwood Forest Diamonds Golden Leg Bone +3 On rocky outcropping south of Jesus location
Homeland Trailer Park Moonshine Jugs Blue and White Star of David +5 On stone slap where weed pipe boss fight is
Gabacho Heights Ganesh Statuettes Ganesh Club +6 In front of east door at Fill'er Up gas station
Havajo Indian Reservation Casino Chips Blue Bison Skull +7 On the hill with the trailer homes next to a telephone pole
Nobbing Hill Beer Bongs Keg Hammer +8 Two houses south of house party on the roof
Downtown Rims Pimp Cane +9 4th floor balcony in the building South East of weed pipe tower

BoneTown Token Locations page shows locations of all tokens

Secret Fights

There are some hidden fights that require jumping to get to. It is best to have the final pipe in the game and Satans power move (charge) before attempting to get to some of these places.

  • Missionary Beach - at the far end of the map (near the Firmwood Forest exit) off the coast you will see an island. If you follow the water you will see a headland with a jetty near one of the islands. Do the combination bong rip/crack blast to jump to the island from the jetty. On the back side of the island is a warrior the same type you defeat in Mushroom March.
  • Firmwood Forest - On an island past the save point. Run past the save point and follow the water (dont cross the bridge). From the edge of the water you can use the rocks and combination bong rip/crack blast to jump to the island. Here you will find a guru sitting in a zen garden.
  • DownTown - There is a second Ron Jeremy in DownTown. Go to the main movie room in the movie theater. Weed jump up to the balcony above. The opening is kinda small so it might take a few efforts to get up there. In the back left corner there is Ron Jeremy. Relatively easy way to get Ron Jeremy's identity (and the really funny voiceovers) without going through the mission.
  • Thats where mini dog is after the mission he hangs out with one of the suger dvd girls

Not So, Secret Fights

  • Missionary Beach - Drunk armed with metal roling pin in closed yard near parking lot. Will attack you, if you get close. Fun ticket is on the other side of trash container.
  • Firmwood Forest - The Pygmie Chief wears a blue T-shirt and will attack you as soon as you enter his hut at the far end of the Pygmie village.
  • Gabacho Heights - Radio DJ (station named KUNT). Has a microphone weapon. He is a car park north of the Missionary Beach bus stop.
  • Nobbing Hill - There is a Trekkie next door to the House Party. He is in the back yard with the huge tree and is armed with a lightsabre.
  • DownTown - In the night club is a roped off VIP section on the bottom floor near the dance floor. If you cross the ropes an Arnie lookalike will attack you with a sword. It is worth killing this guy often. He drops lots of money, and a decent sword if you need it.

Signs From Hod

There are some hidden girls that require jumping to get to. It is best to have the final pipe in the game and Satans power move (charge) before attempting to get to some of these places.

The girls are nude and standing next to a sign from Hod. If you have sex with them they will drop a weapon that looks like a dildo on a stick.

Thanks go to Dysfunctional from the Bonetown Forums for providing the following content


I just found this information looking at the file of the mission. It says there is a Hod's girl in the map, but I still was not able to reach her. She is behind the mountains in the main island (do not waste your time trying to reach the other two, it is impossible). If someone find out how to get her, please contribute.

  • According to the official Forum, “You have to scale the wall of mountain and keep heading away from the park. This one's really hard, and will take some fancy finger-work. You can't get to either of these locations if you cannot master getting to the rooftop of the tall building right next to Ron Towers. A weed-jump and a crack-blast together is not enough to get you there, you'll have to use crack in mid-air at some point during the jump. – User: Prometheus
  • Missionary Beach - On the cliffs that run alongside the long road. The easiest way I found to get up there is to go to the far end by the car tunnel and use your bong to jump on top of the 2nd to last lamppost. Then, do the combination bong rip/crack blast to get on top of the cliff. Then just run along the grassy area and you will see her eventually. An alternate route that requires a little less precision is to get on top of the "1/2 Off Bikinis" sign slightly further down from the car tunnel, up against the cliff. Then face the cliff, take a bong rip, and crack blast charge the top of the cliff. A couple of tries and you'll get it.
  • Firmwood Forest - On the island across from the entrance to Homeland Trailer Park. To get across to the island, simply take a bong rip and just hop through the water until you get there. The water isn't very deep and you shouldn't run out of breath before you get there.
  • Gabacho Heights - This one was tricky. Near the car tunnel area, behind the bus stop to Missionary Beach, there is a little beach looking area next to the water. Wade into the water until you're almost deep enough that your breath meter appears. Face the closest outcropping of land on the other side, then take a bong rip and start jumping. You can see through the water that the ground below you will eventually run out and become a deep chasm, so when you get close to the chasm (at this point your breath should be running low from bounding in and out of the water), take one last jump and use your crack blast. You should make it to the other side. A couple more bong rips will get you to the top of the hills and you'll find another girl up there.
  • Havajo Indian Reservation' -' This one was tricky. On the island across from the entrance to Gabago Heights. Do the combination bong rip/crack blast and then one more crack blast. You'll be under water but you'll be able to breath. Go to the island and near it use combination bong rip/crack blast one more time and use bong rip to get out of water. You'll find another girl on other side of island.
  • Nobbing Hill - behind where you find Moses and his buring bush, near impossible to get to but if you can bounce/power charge your way up and over the rocks there there is another Hod sign on a beach on the other side of the mountains boardering that side of the map.
  • Downtown Bonetown - I was exploring a bit after completing the game, and realized I could actually jump to the top of the RJ tower by advancing a few floors in each jump and some acrobatic steering in midair.
My curiosity/insanity was rewarded with this: Image Link
The girl got boned and a weapon spawned by the sign. Didn't take any screenshots of it, but it was a cane of sorts. Not very powerful, but kind of amusing.
Thanks go to Sensible Viking from the Bonetown Forums for providing the RJ tower content.
Here's a picture of the weapon.

Special weapon

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