This is the alternate version of the Monsters Inc./The Land Before Time.


  • Boo: My stomach is talking. Pah, hah, hah!
  • Sulley: Mine too, hmmph. The taste does looks like. [grunting]
  • Boo: The tree is talking.
  • Sulley: No, isn't true.
  • Boo: You shouldn't this talk to trees. No!
  • Boy: Blrblbrb! Whoa! [gets out and turns to black] EYAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOH!! [he stops]
  • Sulley: Oh, are you OK?
  • Boo: Yeah, sure. No problem, I'm lost. Oh right! Who are you, bah?
  • Boy: My name is, fake child.
  • Boo: Boy, hah. Funny name, ha, ha!
  • Boy: I-I-I you idiot?
  • Boo: No, I got caughts.
  • Boy: I lost.
  • Boo: But we can liars but can we up there.
  • Boy: You there.
  • Sulley: But, you are stay. Not falled.
  • Boy: I can't fly. [mumbling, coughing]
  • Sulley: I guest we can is. We can do it.
  • Boo: It can to do alright.


  • Sulley-Toaster
  • Mike-Cera (cameo)
  • Boo-Ducky
  • Boy-Petrie
  • Celia-Spike (cameo)

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