The Story is Made-up by jackeezmom.


The Big Ones

  • Alen: Raichu's friend and Owner.
  • Misic Teacher: Spitball's friend and Owner.
  • Sinice Teacher: Bone's friend and Owner.
  • History Teacher: Jadefeather's friend and Owner.

The Little Ones

  • Raichu: The hero.
  • Electoid: The villain.
  • Sky: A Bright-Blue Yoshi.
  • Bone: A white Dog.
  • Jadefeather: A colorful Bird.
  • Spitball: An always bored Otter.
  • Sparks: A Pikachu.
  • Patch: A half Cat-Otter Animal.
  • Robin: A Bird who acts like a Dog.
  • Dodawn: Very vilent.
  • Water Cat: Wants to be a hero.
  • Wing Cat: A gray cat with wings.
  • Gray Cat: A gray cat that believes in Season Sprits.

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