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Big Ones

  • Alen: Raichu's friend and Owner.

Little Ones

  • Raichu: The hero.
  • Sky: A Bright-Blue Yoshi.
  • Bone: A white Dog.
  • Jadefeather: A colorful Bird.
  • Spitball: An always bored Otter.
  • Sparks: A Pikachu.
  • Patch: A half Cat-Otter Animal.
  • Robin: A Bird who acts like a Dog.
  • Water Cat: Wants to be a hero.
  • Wing Cat: A gray cat with wings.
  • Gray Cat: A gray cat that believes in Season Spirits
  • Starry: A Beaver.
  • Trekee: A Ta-Matoran.
  • Fire Cat: A Elemint Cat.
  • Ice Cat: A Elemint Cat.

Book Plot

After the Rock of Life was recovered, the Little Ones were safe. But not for long... Gray Cat had a Prophecy Dream with a Omen in it: When two are releashed, and a battle starts, the three chosen one must stop it: One with a blue neck, front legs, back, and a long tail, and has a yellow snout, and back legs. Another with red all over him. The other with the tip of the tail that looks like Thunder. What does this Prophecy means? What battle? Who are the three chosen ones?


The Stars were bright. As Gray Cat went to his Den, his legs were tired. He went to sleep on his nest. Soon he saw a fire glow. Then the glow turned into glows, and turn into the Fire

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