One day on Sodor, after a huge disaster, the engines were watching television. They were watching their show. There was a big fight on Star Finder. Everyone was sure Bulgy the bus had started it. The diesels were no longer naughty, neither Diesel nor Diesel 10. George and Bulstrode were being friendly, too. But Cranky was still planning on a scheme. "It's not fair!" huffed Murdoch. "Bulgy bullied everyone!" Murdoch was cross. "Pah!" scowled Stepney. "Bulgy is such a dingbat." The next morning, Sir Topham Hatt let James be in charge. "We will teach Bulgy a lesson," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Tomorrow, we will teach Bulgy a lesson." "And if you see Bulgy, warn everybody." "We will, sir." Mavis said. Daisy agreed. BoCo agreed. All the engines agreed. Then, Thomas chuffed over to Brendam Docks. He saw Cranky about to unload his cargo. "Tomorrow, we'll teach Bulgy a lesson!" said Thomas. "OK," remarked the cranky crane. Cranky unloaded the cargo. Then, Thomas puffed to the Search and Rescue Centre. Harold, Rocky, Captain, Belle, Harvey, Butch and Flynn were all listening. Later on, the commercial was done. Bulgy saw it. He was cross. Then, Thomas chuffed on to make more commercials. He dreamt that he saw a sign that read "Leaving so soon?". Thomas' driver was worried. Thomas went on. It was the end of Sodor. He saw Luke. Luke was at a different quarry. Then, Luke had a nap. Bulgy zoomed by on his special track wheels. Luke was surprised. He woke up after Bulgy was gone. He had never seen Bulgy. Then, Thomas came to the scrapyard. There was Nigel, Sixteen, Wilbert, Bulstrode, Jeremy, Ned and Caroline. Terence and BoCo and Trevor were there, too. So was Duke. Thomas wondered why they were dead. Even George, Scruffey and Billy.

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