This is the book listing section. Here you can put names and summaries of books that you have foud usefull. You can also put the book summary/name in its specific category like Population Dynamics and put a link to that section here with a comment about the book. If you have lent out a book that is really useful, try summarise the important bits of information and put them up. For an example take a look at the Game Ranch Management Part I summary.

Game Ranch Management Chapters - Summaries and chapter listing of the Game Ranch Management Book

Game Reserves - Book on the Mkuzi Game Reserve in this section with author and Wits library location.

Wits Library

There is an entire section on nature conservation in the Biophysics Wits Library. Try looking up nature conservation and or island theory (island biodiversity). If you don't want to search on the net take a look at the QH 75 section of books, that seems to be the nature conservation section.

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