After the dream Scott Curtis heads to the base to also meet up with Emma Davison and also with Dean Reardon soon they are joined by Maria Hart and also with her is Zack Zindine to listen to the story.

Maria tells how she first meet the likes of Barry Charles down in Kent she once lived next to his house and he one day was changed. When she was most younger. She first meet him in 1988 and tells how he saved her and her sister Stacy Hart from a evil mirror which had some mist inside of it like another place. All ready aware of what this thing when Scott Curtis faced it in his Third Body. All ready aware of just what they are and what they can do he calls them Cutter Mirrors which hold a element demon which is known as a Mist Demon they can take over people and make them do things. The only way to stop them is to catch them in another mirror when the person dies or unless they jump to another body which is rare but for Stacy Hart it was very lucky.

Soon it looks like someone had brought it here maybe this Robert Dorrington man who had been talked about in the dream which they could have died in. Unaware this was a Cutter Demon and when Scott saw how Barry had bright red eyes he should have worked it out aware that they can cause Dream Death and have the skills to kill people in there dreams. when they have a target they can always lock on to them aswell. Like it has with Maria Hart being its target to kill her.

Scott also told about what they found from Jessie Small because of this the group thinks it best to see what the Kingsteigton Undead are up to why someone else goes to visit the graveyard to see if they can see if they came back alive from there. Scott along with Emma and Maria head to the house to find out some infomation. Why Zack and Dean head down to the graveyard.

Scott with Maria and Emma look into the house and find the door left open. As they come inside they meet a old lady who tells them thank you for ending the pain of Jessie her granddaugher. She tells them how Jessie was keeping a book for Kim Knight inside her room and its called the Book Of Murdoc. Quickly the 3 of them head to find the book. But the old lady shouts there here the Kingsteigton Undead

Kim Knight armed with Hannah Farmer along with Angie Smith and Dawn Davie can then smell. Young people and kill Jessie Grandmother before heading up to Jessies Room to stop them. Scott with Maria and Emma have climbed the roofs and had manage to escape back across the River. The Kingsteigton Undead follow behind Scott Emma and Maria split up to try and confuse them. Soon Scott is caught off guard by Kim Knight who steals the book and starts to laugh as Zack and Dean come running to help him. Kim and the rest of her crew head towards the graveyard. Scott along with Emma, Maria, Zack, and Dean come to face off with Zombies and they look to see something made of rock coming alive on top of the church which Kim Knight is starting to bring alive.

Book Of Murdoc Part 2

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