In the second chapter the group are now faced with Zombies and the Kingsteigton Undead who are now ready to stop them from getting towards Kim Knight the fight starts and for a weird reason Zack Zindine runs back to his crusier leaving the others to face off with the zombies.

As the fight goes on quickly Zack comes back armed with the Colledge Sword and gives it to Maria Hart who starts to defeat the zombies. as the fight ends the group quickly make it to Kim Knight who has now manage to summon what was on the church.

The group soon find out it was a monster she has called up named Murdock soon the Rivers find themselfs in a fight with it. As the battle goes on the Rivers find that nothing they can do is able to stop it. Not evening the Colledge Sword. However it being of a rock element Scott Curtis and Maria Hart come up with a idea to trick it near the water which works. Together the grab it and take it down into the water. Because of this it cannot live and is destory in the fight. The group also find that the Kingsteigton Undead have ran away to escape the group.

The Gang head back home to what they hope now has taught the likes of them a lession.

1-7 The Miles And Work Part 1

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