Book of mecaca

Chapter 1 verse 1

And in the year four score and 7, there were a great many evil peoples spread throughout the land of mecaca

Chapter 1 verse 2

And Ted saw their evil, and he was displeased.

So Ted stretched his hand upon the land and told all of the men in the village

"I, the almighty Ted, Alpha and Omega, Creator and destroyer of all things, command you, end your evil ways!"

Chapter 1 verse 3

But the people of mecaca would not heed Ted's call, and went back to their sinful ways.

But Borat shone among them, he was faithful and pure in all ways.

Chapter 1 verse 4

Borat called to Ted, "Father, should you find 10 holy men in mecaca , spare it for their sake!

And Ted replied "I will heed your call, should I find 10 holy men, I will spare mecaca."

Chapter 1 verse 5

So Ted searched among the land, but did not find 10 holy men.

He said to Borat "mecaca is evil! The men treat women as humans and the women work as the men do!"

Chapter 1 verse 6

And Ted rode borat from mecaca to the land of ashcarion, and said unto him

"Borat, you are holy. I will spare you from mecaca."

Chapter 1 verse 7

And Ted returned to mecaca, and called the land to overturn! The men cried to Ted

"Save us! We are wicked father!"

Chapter 1 verse 8

But Ted saw that these men were corrupt, and cast them into the earth. And the earth was purged from evil, at the hands of TED.

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