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Welcome to Books4Lightworkers, a page which anyone can edit.

This started on the STNY Lightworkers listserv, but this should be of interest to Lightworkers anywhere. Please visit that link, or the Wikipedia entry to learn more about what a Lightworker is.

When you add something to this list for the first time, please add your name to "Contributors" at the bottom. Be sure to put your initials after the book title.

Please keep the list sorted alpebetically by last name.

The booklist

STNY Lightworkers Booklist
Author Title Description Suggested by
Brennan, BarbaraHands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field MK
Capra, Fritjof Turning Point Great description of Backwards Land BH
Fortune, DionPsychic Self Defense somewhat outdated but still good reading MK
Foundation for Inner Peace A Course in Miracles Best thing ever! MK
Hartmann, ThomLast Hours of Ancient Sunlight Clash of cultures, old vs. new, a comparasion of values for living sustainablyBH
Marciniak, Barbara"Family of Light" Could be the book which defined "Lightworkers"BH,RS
McKenna, Terrence"Food of the Gods" BH
McKenna, Terrence"Archaic Revival" BH
Monroe, Robert"Journeys Out of the Body", and "The Ultimate Journey" MK
Myers, F.W.H. Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death MK
Carolyn Myss Anything MK
Shlain, Leonard"The Alphabet vs. The Goddess" BH
Talbot, MichaelThe Holographic Universe MK


  • MK: Margaret Karmazin
  • BH: Bill Huston
  • RS: Rob Speer

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