Bookworms Anonymous

Welcome to this wiki for stalwarts of

This wiki is open to anyone who loves reading and just has to tell someone else what they have been reading!

It was set up after our first holiday for readers , for the members of the group who felt that they wanted to keep in touch and exchange views about books and reading. But it is open to everyone - please feel free to contribute. You do not need to register, log in or remember a password to get here and you will not get any emails as a result of using the site.

There are three pages so far in this Bookworms Anonymous Wiki that anyone can contribute to. The other pages are

Please don't be afraid to contribute and add comments.

If you would like to add something its really easy! Even we could do it!

  1. Click the edit tab at the top of the page
  2. Type your comment below what has already been written
  3. Add your name and the date
  4. Either click preview or save page (if you have added a link in your text you may get some squiggly letters that you have to re-type into a box to prove that you are a human being doing the updating and not a machine!)

You do not even have to log in before you can do this.

Have fun and please try to restrain yourself from editing what I have written here - it is there to help people use this Wiki!

Janet. 2 October 2006

IMG 0059 3

Picture: Some of the people who may be contributing to this wiki

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