Boomerang Disney PBS Nick Network is a 24-hour network with beautiful shows that you could imagine things that could exist. With all blood, gore, violence, kids, educational, family, fun, puppets, shock culture, anime & more genres. Cartoons like Doug, Rugrats, A Little Curious, etc. With wild stuff with kids beyond your imaginationland. With guest stars: Dominic Janes & his kids beginning the fun.


This channel was found in the next 2013. From August 25, 2013.


  • Saturday Day Morning (with your host: John (a.k.a Dominic Janes))
  • Saturday Day Night
  • Fridays (with shows: Harry the Bunny, Baby Maze, Family Double Dare, Numbers Farm, The Notekins, Skunk Fu!, Doug, The Yoyo & Peanut Show & CatDog)

List of shows by Boomerang Disney PBS Nick Network

  • The Farty Party Show (by Williams Street)
  • All That
  • You're on Nickelodeon, Charile Brown.
  • Xiaolin Showdown

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