Boot-Killer as a silhouette, facing to the right.

Boot-Killer was one of several enemies in the game BOTS!!. It only appeared in the Training-Camp stage and would spawn after defeating Hong. Its "structure" is exactly the same as Bubbleboy's and Hong's, but would appear either as invisible, a black silhouette, or unseen in the black void, depending on where it is led to in the stage. Most players would have trouble fighting this enemy as it had nearly 10,000 hitpoints and did incredible amounts of damage compared to the stage's level reccomendations. This enemy was rumored to drop "black item containers", or make other enemies drop them, but this rumor has been proven false countless times. This enemy has been removed for quite some time ever since a gaming patch released around October 2006.

2006 07 28 23 45 45

Boot-Killer in the Training-Camp, seen as invisible. It required some powerful skills to defeat.


Boot-Killer seen blended in the Taining-Camp's hidden area.

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