Boozer enables its caster to be in a drunkenness state. Compulsory to cast some other spells.

What its meant to do...

  • Boozer will change your skin, basically giving you a drunken slouch.
  • It will subtract one or two MP when you cast it for the duration. Only at level 5 does this become 1 MP
  • It will give varying damage reduction according to the level of the spell. (1=5%, 2=10%, 3=12% 4=15% 5=20% 6=25%)

Spell duration varies, with it being 2 turns at level 1, moving to 3 turns at levels 2 through 4. It finally lasts 4 turns by level 5 and 6.

Current Bugs

  • Boozer damage reduction does not work at all. Zilch, Zip, Absolutely nothing.
  • When you are unbewitched, your spell use will act like you are drunk. You will still for all other facts have a sober character.
  • When going from drunk to sober or vice versa, the opaque sprite is used even if transparency is on. You need to toggle transparency off/on to get it right.

Is it useless?

At early levels of the game, it is one of your most vital spells. Currently, as the class drags on you will find you will use it less. The drunken spells essentially cap themselves for damage around level 40, and you will definately feel you are doing less than adequate damage as all classes surpass you at level 50.

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