Character name: Captain “Dropdeck” Boris Luschyenko
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Weight: 221 lb
Height: 6'3"
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Green
Ethnic origin: Slavic
Species Type: gundam fighter
Other Information: - Identifying Marks - 8" x 1/8" scar across the back from top end of left kidney area to just below the right lung. Wound received in service.


It all began with the wrong job interview...

Well... not quite. Boris was born on Mars to two military parents, themselves Martians, who have since retired from service with full military honors and mentions. Naturally, this doesn't exactly mean he's had it easy. His parents were strict, and he was perpetually threatened with being kicked onto the streets to learn what it was really like to live a hard life - after all, grade school was hardly a difficult thing to get through, and the same could be said for high school.

He passed all of them, with mediocre scores of course. He was more of a sportsman, gifted athletically and naturally gifted in the fighting arts, excelling in Judo and Karate. This natural skill for fighting was no doubt genetic in some way, his family stretching back through seven generations of military service, and with this becoming very apparent by the age of 13, he was quickly being taught the traditional fighting methods of his countrymen - Systema for one as well as other variations.

At 16, forced into a petty argument over something to do with homework, Boris shoved his father, who proceeded to fly approximately fifteen feet into a wall. Disgusted by his conduct, he was kicked out of the house, and told to find his own way.

After a few months hiding in vehicle underpasses, doing martial arts training to stave off starvation and the cold of the Martian nights, he found an old abandoned apartment which, unclaimed for seemingly a long while, he proceeded to claim through squatting rights. He got a small job locally in the docks of Tharsis, with which he bought new locks for the apartment and proceeded to do the place up. Soon enough he was respectable, living well in a nice apartment - it even had a computer. It should be noted that much of his employment was cash-in-hand and never reached a bank account, making his necessity to pay taxes... nil. And it also meant he was technically unemployed... so every once in a while he would get a fat dole check. Yeah. So much for respectable.

His 21st birthday soon came around and, selling the apartment and most of his belongings, he signed up to do a three year stint in the army. During his time of service, he was wounded due to an accidental weapons discharge, which led to his back being painfully scarred. Though this was a blot on his career generally, most of his time was spent training in standard issue mobile suits and doing field exercises. When he wasn't doing such, he was on the firing ranges or practicing hand to hand combat and other arts necessity to the fighting man. No major events really typified his time in the army - he was just a short-term career soldier.

His service was uneventful to say the least, but his skills as a fighter remained unnoticed for the most part, until his last week of service.

And so it all really began when he went to the wrong job interview. He walked into a room he *thought* was the main hall to the administration wing, applying for his demobilization and placement in the civil service, but accidentally ended up in a gym. As it turned out, that day it was a black-belt initiation for someone who had trained in Rapid Harness martial arts, and unfortunately the assessment for that meant a fight three-on-one people using any methods possible for a straight five minutes.

It didn't last long. The first man to approach got launched twenty four feet away, skidding along the ground with a broken sternum from a well-placed kick which, due to the attempted block, also broke his attacker's hands. The second, took him from behind but was quickly on the ground bleeding from an overpowered elbow to the temple, which knocked him clean out and nearly killed him. The third, realizing the jig was up, stood down and called for medics. He was quickly up before a military tribunal.

Upon medical examination and the conduction of certain tests, it was realized that the man had all the capabilities and signs of being a Gundam Fighter. He was offered a chance to serve an extension of his contract or do 6 months in military prison, but tired of the military rigmarole and, for the time being, entirely uninterested in his powers outside of his own personal training, he took the decision to go to prison instead.

Six months later and he was released, and unfortunately due to his military contract still a military reservist. Using his acquired funds from his time in the army, he bought a small home and began training for a new challenge - that of the tournament. A lucrative way to earn money, assuming sponsorship and continued efforts to expand his martial arts training in all fields.

However, as crises began between the Martian nations once again, his status as a soldier was recently re-activated - and now he has to put up with all the bullshit of being a soldier again. Promoted to Colonel and then Fleet Captain to head a new branch of the MISTAF Airborne MS Division, his first combat operations came in the newly upgraded Telic Gundam, an advanced unit based on the Browning Gundam.

After successfully defeating the Regenerate, and fending off many other units on the MIST-VS border, his field unit (raised to Corps level) was sent under special auspices to claim the Divinidad and then destroy it at the first given opportunity. The unit made a successful orbital drop and escaped the operation with under 20% losses, and the Divinidad was destroyed – but at the cost of the Earth’s relative destruction. A somewhat hollow success. Withdrawing from Earth, he and his troops, along with two Alliance captives, made a successful landing at Conviction colony, where his prisoners were exchanged in return for free passage for a short period of leave, food, resupply, repair and safe docking space.

During this leave period, Boris partook in the Iso fighting tournament. The tournament offered a lot for him – a chance to scrap with his arch-rival, the young undefeated fighter Kane Seeger (who he had fought in Monuta City after a brief altercation), and a chance to further his own hand-to-hand skills. The results remain confidential, but it is known that he became much, much stronger as a result of the fights he participated in.

In the wake of Imperator’s attacks against the Imperium, Boris has ended up engaging and failing to defeat the ghostly nanite suit more than once. He has become frustrated that, even though he has become even stronger over time and he is now a major player in the international fighting tournaments, supplementing his power for his army, he remains powerless. He seeks to avenge his men lost in combat to it, and to wreak vengeance upon it with his fist for every innocent life lost from its widespread attacks on not only his own cities, but those of the other nations as well. Soon… soon he would have his vengeance.

Affiliation: MIST

Prototype Mobile Suit: MISTNA GF17MI3 Telic Gundam

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