Boris Rubanenko
Boris Rubanenko
Boris Rubanenko wielding his sword, the Guardian Rose.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'0" (182.88cm)
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Race Caucasian
Blood type O
Birthday December 29th, 1943
Birthplace Stalingrad, Soviet Union
Hometown Altair Base, Iran
Father Leon Rubanenko
Mother Anastasia Vega
Affiliation(s) Omega Order
Language(s) spoken
(excluding English)
Flag of Russia Russian
Flag of Germany German
Name in Other Languages
Flag of Russia Russian Борис Рубанэнко
Flag of Greece Greek Μπόρις Ρούμπανενκο
Flag of Japan Japanese ボリス・ルバネンコ
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese
陶力雄 (Táo Lìxióng)
Flag of South Korea Korean 보리스 루바넨코
Flag of the Arab League Arabic بوريس روبانينكو
Flag of Israel Hebrew בּוריס רובּאנינכּו
Flag of India Hindi बोरिस् रूबनेन्को

Boris Rubanenko (Борис Леонович Руванэнко, Boris Leonovich Rubanenko) is the leader of the psychic organization The Omega Order, and is one of the most powerful psychics of his time. Originally living in Stalingrad (currently Volgograd, Russia), he and his little sister, Ivanka, survived an anti-psychic inquisition spearheaded by Soviet premier Brezhnev and defected to West Germany. However, the Omega Order still maintains ties to the Soviet Union and is a formidable threat to world peace.



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Episode I

Episode II

Before leaving for Japan, Boris proposes marriage to Khina, who accepts.

Episode III

In chapter 8, it is revealed that Boris is bisexual, having been romantically involved with Nikolai Matsky as well as Khina.


Some of Boris's specific psychic abilities include:

  • Blood Rose (Кровь роза, Krov' roza): Boris conjures a rose, shows it to the victim, and vanishes it right before his or her eyes. The rose then re-materializes in the victim's heart, the blossom sticking out from his or her chest. There is a sharp sensation of pain, and then a series of poisons, coated on the rose's stem, incapacitate and ultimately kill the victim. The Blood Rose was used on Artemis Gilliam in Episode II, and Ivanka Rubanenko in Episode III.


"Rubanenko" is a Russian family name.[1] It is a tribute to Rubeus, a villain from Sailor Moon.

Chinese Name

Boris's Chinese civen name, "Lìxióng", means "Strong hero" in English. His family name, "Táo" is a reference to Taoism.

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