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Tolstar HP:52
HooHooros HP:80
Dragohoho HP:80
Queen Bean HP:120
Popple and Rookie 1 HP:110(Popple) 120(Rookie)
Wiggler HP:34
Chuckolator HP:300
Cackletta HP:200
Popple and Rookie 2 HP:150(Popple) 250(Rookie)
Mom pirahna HP:220
Trunkle HP:110(Body) 60(Head Tree)
Hermie 3 HP:400
Popple (solo) HP:520
Jojora and companion HP:500(Companion) 50(Jojora)
Popple and Birdo HP:500(Popple) 450(Birdo
Iggy HP:550
Morton HP:500
Lemmy HP:380
Ludwig HP:550
Roy HP:550
Wendy HP:350
Larry HP:550
Fawful HP:400
Bowletta HP:500
Cackletta HP:1200

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