Baby Bowser HP: 7; the first battle with Baby Bowser is more of a tutorial than a Boss battle.
Juvennile Shrooboid HP: 13; the battle with this strange creature is more of a tutorial than a Boss battle.
L33T Brothers HP: 100 Each
Swiggler HP: 250
Kamek HP: 450
Sunnycide HP: 500
Shrooboid Brat HP: 900
Petey Pirahna HP: 1300
Mrs. Thwomp HP: 500
Bowser and Baby Bowser HP: 1200 (bowser) 700 (Baby Bowser)
Commander Shroob HP: 1600
Adult Shrooboid HP: 950, then 1150
Shrowser HP: life meter contains 10 shroob heads. The actual final boss of the game, he is just Boswer revived with the Power of elder Princess Shroob. This is an out of the ordinary battle. You cannot attack shrowser, instead You have dodge all of his attacks. All of he dodged attacks then return and damage the ghost of Princess Shroob's Twin. Once the life meter is depleted the battle is over.

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