The Bosses are Enemies that Only appears in the Boss Stages of Harror the Robot (from HtR 4)

Harror the Robot 4 Arena

Boss 1 (Alpha Boss)

  • Name: Surveillance Droid MKII
  • Habilities: Firing it's Laser and Drops from the Ceiling
  • Species: Robot Droid
  • Health: Three Blow (Shooting at the Red Fire Shooter)
  • Gender: N/A
  • Level: Stage 07: Surveillance Droid MKII Alpha Robot

Boss 2 (Final Boss)

  • Name: GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System)
  • Habilities: Shoot at the Player and Fire Lasers
  • Species: Artificially Intelligent Computer System
  • Health: Five Blows (Three with the Core Launching & Two with an Block Attack)
  • Gender: Female
  • Level: Stage 14: Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System

Harror the Robot 5: Evil Crime Sanity

Boss 1

  • Name: Tradik Trajendi Lord
  • Habilities: Move Left and Right, Shoot Bombs, & Jump
  • Pinch Habilities: Launching Fire Balls, Fly, & Make Invisiblity
  • Species: Enemy Tank
  • Health: Five Blows (Launching Water To his Gun with Harror the Robot)
  • Gender: Male
  • Level: 1-10 10 Boss Stage 

Boss 2

  • Name: Rock the Nanorobot
  • Habilities: Jump, Fly, & Dig
  • Pinch Habilities: Shoot Skull Arrow,& Fire Ball
  • Species: Nanorobot
  • Health: Five Blows (Launching to he Bubbles with White the Block )
  • Gender: Male
  • Level: 2-10 Boss Stage

Boss 3

  • Name: Mmaassnakke
  • Habilities: Move Up & Down
  • Pinch Habilities: Move in a Square
  • Species: Sky Serpent
  • Health: Nine Blows (Shooting to he with Chico Cecho)
  • Gender: Female (Formerly Unknown)
  • Level: 3-10 Boss Stage

Boss 4

  • Name: Doctor Crimen Foregu (in an Attack Machine)
  • Habilities: Shooting Homing Missiles
  • Pinch Habilities: Giant Machine Attack
  • Species: Human
  • Health: Four Blows (Running to the Machine and the Homing Missiles Explote to the Machine with Emily the Power)
  • Gender: Possibly Male
  • Level: 4-10 Boss Stage 

Boss 5

  • Name: Drag the Dragon
  • Halibities: Shooting Fire Flames, Because is an Dragon
  • Pinch Habilities: Flying Like Dragon
  • Species: Red Dragon
  • Health: Three Blows (Launching Water with the Musicians Robots Jamers: Saxophonist, Bassist, Percussionist, & Pianist)
  • Gender: Male (Formerly Unknown)
  • Level: 5-10 Boss Stage and Bad Ending 

Boss 6

  • Name: The. Evil. Mule
  • Habilities: Move
  • Pinch Habilities: Move Fast
  • Species: Jelly
  • Health: Six Blows (Shooting an Bomb with Mad Mad Gone)
  • Gender: None
  • Level: 6-10 Boss Stage

Boss 7

  • Name: Black Block
  • Habilities: Jump and Rolling
  • Pinch Habilities: None
  • Species: Anthropomorphic Black Block
  • Health: Seven Blows (Jumping Over he with Flash Juan Axel)
  • Gender: Male
  • Level: 7-10 Boss Stage 

Boss 8

  • Name: Octopus Monster
  • Habilities: Float Moving Underwater
  • Pinch Habilities: Shooting Underwater rocks
  • Species: Octopus + Monster
  • Health: Ten Blows (Launching Flying Rocks to he with Timothy the Thunder)
  • Gender: Male
  • Level: 8-10 Boss Stage 

Boss 9

  • Name: Female Ghost
  • Habilities: Disappearance & Appearance
  • Pinch Habilities: Appear Everywhere
  • Species: Ghost
  • Health: Five Blows (Shooting to she Starblocks anti-ghost with The Siameses Robots: Dodo & Babo)
  • Gender: Female
  • Level: 9-10 Boss Stage

Boss 10 (Final Boss)

  • Name: Malvadu the Boss
  • Species: Emperor Robot
  • First Appearance: Harror the Robot 3 (Only in Ending), Harror the Robot 4 (Mentioned)
  • Habilities: Fighting Like Commando
  • Pinch Habilities: Airship Assistence
  • Health: Twelve Blows (Shooting in a Pipe a Homing Missile with Harror the Robot Players)   
  • Gender: Male
  • Level: 10-10 Boss Stage

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