The Boston YMCA (now the Huntington YMCA) was the original home of Northeastern University, from its inception as "Department of Law of the Boston YMCA" in 1898. The university first moved into its own facility (Richards Hall) in 1938. It was not fully separated from the YMCA until the university's charter was amended in 1948.

The YMCA's first American chapter was located in Boston at the corner of Boylston and College classes began at the original Boston YMCA on Boylston and Berkeley, which burnt down ca. 1909. A new facility was built on Huntington, the current site of the YMCA east of Dodge Hall. Today this structure is known as the Huntington Branch of the Boston YMCA.

As of 1999, the University was (and had for some time) offering upperclass housing in apartments on the upper floors of the YMCA, which were wholly leased, managed and gated by the school. Residents of this housing were granted free admission to the YMCA. (This program does not appear to be offered anymore?)

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