A SWATbot comes to Dr. Ivo Robotnik with a Crabmeat in custody for possessing comic books, notably based on the exploits of Sonic the Hedgehog. Robotnik is enraged, not just because of the comic series in question but because of his rule against reading. Much to the SWATbot's glee, Robotnik prepares to melt the robot down for spare parts, only for Crabmeat to claim that he got the comic books to assist his master. He suggests that Robotnik could use them as the basis for super-powered robots to deploy against the Knothole Freedom Fighters, and Robotnik likes the idea-and decides to melt both Crabmeat and the SWATbot down for the necessary parts. Some days afterwards, Robotnik is preparing to "dedicate" a new site for a toxic-waste dumping pond at the edge of the Great Forest, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Sonic.

Sonic questions Robotnik as to whether he thought the Freedom Fighters would allow him to commit such a crime against nature, only for Robotnik to reveal that the ceremony was a setup to draw Sonic out. He then activates a flashlight that projects a signal into the sky to summon the first of his new Comic Book Bots: Botman. The robot lands a kick on Sonic, who retaliates with a super-speed charge, only to rebound off Botman's armor. Robotnik stands over his defeated nemesis, rejoicing in his apparent victory, only for Sonic to rise up and launch into a Spin-Dash at Botman. However, as the Freedom Fighters observe from Freedom HQ, Sonic is knocked down and has seemingly been defeated.

Botman stands atop a seemingly defeated Sonic, and Robotnik is celebrating his victory, only for Crabmeat-oddly acting as though it were the same Crabmeat Robotnik destroyed earlier-that to point out a nearby pile of robot parts. Robotnik realizes that they are the parts he used in building Botman, and the robot then topples over as a still conscious and battle-ready Sonic pushes him. He then reveals that he used his super speed to disassemble Botman and then pose the empty outer shell just to get on Robotnik's nerves. Despite being furious, Robotnik informs Sonic that he still has more comic book heroes to base his robots on, and has already ordered a second model. He prepares to introduce a Wolverine robot, designed for viciousness, but is then informed that due to a communications glitch he has instead received a "Wolvurkel" robot. Robotnik fumes while Sonic notes that Wolvurkel's voice sounds familiar, but is quickly forced to contend with the next robot in the series: Spawnmower.

Determined to stop the robot from destroying the forest, Sonic strikes while it stops to pose, pulling the spark plug wire and causing it to lose all power. He then pushes Spawnmower off a cliff, destroying it. Furious, Robotnik sends out more robots in rapid succession: Magbot, Captain Marbot,and Mighty 'Bot. Sonic easily defeats them, leaving behind a large pile of broken robot parts, and then sets his sights on Robotnik. Before he can attack him, however, he slips on oil left by the destroyed machines, and Robotnik takes advantage of the opportunity to escape by riding away on Crabmeat. Sonic notes with a groan that he forgot that all superhero stories involve the villain getting away, but returns to Knothole for a celebration regardless.

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