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This is a timeline of events in the Mercenary Crew: Bounty Hunters RP. All dates are given according to the Galactic Standard Calendar.


  • 39 BBY
  • 38 BBY
  • 37 BBY
  • 36 BBY
  • 35 BBY
  • 34 BBY
  • 33 BBY
    • Kuun Lan is born on Coruscant.
    • Ray Brink is born on Taris
    • Ali D'Ayarra is born on Corellia.
  • 32 BBY
    • The Trade Federation blockade Naboo and the Sith reveal themselves to the Jedi for the first time in centuries. (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)
    • Jyot Tyrell begins to travel the galaxy with his father (a professional gambler) after his mother tragically dies in a speeder accident.
    • Both of Ray Brink's parents are killed in an accident; his uncle becomes his guardian.
  • 30 BBY
  • 26 BBY
    • Ali D'Ayarra discovers a future hobby and a future career; language and flying.
  • 25 BBY
    • Raelyn Lark is proclaimed a genius and is enrolled in advanced education classes, which are also far beneath her intelligence level.
  • 24 BBY
    • Arelyn K'zanthis joins the Mistryl Shadow Guard and is instructed in their ways.
  • 22 BBY
    • The Clone Wars begin. (Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones)
    • Brentaal taken by the CIS, then uprooted by Republic counterattack. Kadis Venarm is conscripted by the CIS, captured by the Republic, and sent to Kessel.
  • 21 BBY
    • Arelyn's homeworld of Emberlene is razed while she is on a mission on Corellia.
  • 20 BBY
    • Kuun Lan's uncle takes him to a shooting range and he discovers his affinity with accuracy.
    • Ali D'Ayarra begins to learn and use Old Corellian regularly.
  • 19 BBY
    • The Clone Wars end and the Republic becomes the Galactic Empire; the Jedi are all but destroyed. (Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)
    • Alec Tannis joins the Academy of Carida.
    • Ray Brink's uncle dies of a disease he had been fighting for years; Ray decides to become a doctor.
    • Ali D'Ayarra begins flight lessons and quickly excels in spacecraft flight techniques.
    • Latch Vax enrolls at CorSec Academy.
    • Raelyn Lark is bored of school and drops out, she reads books to pass the time instead.
    • Kadis Venarm released from Kessel. Joins up with a smuggling crew.
  • 18 BBY
    • Kuun Lan has the first of many arguments with his father about the future.
    • Colin Lark graduates from high school and enters college, Raelyn tags along.
    • Kadis Venarm leaves the smuggling crew after a close call.
    • Ellie Kartyk's elder brother Elizar dies in a swoop race accident.
  • 17 BBY
    • Alec Tannis is assigned to Tatooine.
    • Kuun Lan gets his first chance to fly a speeder, he manages to somehow outrun all of his district's entire law enforcement vehicles.
    • Jyot Tyrell enrolls in CorSec Academy.
    • Ray Brink is finally accepted by the National Academy for Medical Studies of Taris, after working for 2 years to try to survive and applying to more than 10 medical schools.
    • Ali D'Ayarra enters the CEC Flight competition and is awarded with a test pilot job.
  • 16 BBY
    • Latch Vax graduates from the Academy with honors, is selected to the Tactical Response Team.
    • Arelyn K'zanthis takes up a position as a personal bodyguard to Jocoro Desilijic Tiure on Du Hatta.
    • Ellie Kartyk turns eighteen, leaves her father and begins life on her own.
  • 15 BBY
    • Alec Tannis is dishonourably discharged from the Imperial forces.
    • Kuun Lan goes to the Imperial Academy and the name Headshot is earned from his peers.
    • Jyot Tyrell is expelled from CorSec Academy (due to poor grades).
  • 14 BBY
  • 13 BBY
    • Jyot Tyrell is transferred to CEC affiliate company on Bespin (Cloud City) where he later joins the Scimitar as engineer when Alec Tannis stops in Cloud City with the Scimitar and is looking for crew.
    • Ali D'Ayarra is framed for the destruction of a fighter prototype, fired and imprisoned for a year.
  • 12 BBY
    • Kuun Lan graduates early and enters an elite fighter squadron.
    • Ali D'Ayarra leaves Corellia, swearing never to return.
    • Latch Vax resigns his post from the TRT after becoming disgruntled with CorSec's affiliation with the Empire, later joins the crew of The Scimitar.
    • Colin Lark graduates med school with honors, he gets a job and Raelyn takes to staying home.
  • 10 BBY
    • Kuun Lan is honorably discharged and goes into bounty hunting for a little before becoming part of Alec Tannis's crew.
    • Ray Brink is given his medical license after graduating from the Academy with some of the highest scores, he later meets Alec Tannis and is recruited from Taris to join the crew.
    • Arelyn K'zanthis leaves Jocoro's service after an unspecified altercation with the Besadii kajidic and later joins the crew.
    • Colin Lark resigns and signs on as a ship's medic, Raelyn joins him.
  • 9 BBY
  • 00 BBY
    • Alderaan is destroyed by the Death Star. The Death Star is destroyed at the Battle of Yavin. (Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope)

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