Ishi Tib NEGAS

A Bourget

The Bourget are an amphibious, humanoid alien race characterized by their huge eyes and beak-like mouths, the Bourget are native to the planet Bourget. They inhabit Bourgets oceans, and spend most of their lives under the water. Their thick, green skin helps retain moisture, so they are fairly adaptable in other environments. However, an Bourget who lives away from the water must return to a briny seawater bath every thirty hours or so in order to maintain their skin's moisture levels and to keep their lungs moist. The Bourget race is descended from a species of bony fish which had large, fluke-like fins which were highly developed. They escaped predation by leaving the ocean and staying on land for short periods of time, and natural selection allowed the development of arms, legs, and lungs. They have builts cities upon the coral reefs of Bourgets oceans, taking great care so they don't disrupt the delicate environmental balances. As a species, they were highly sought after as efficient organizers.

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