The Bourget are a species of intelligent mammalian herbivores from the planet Bourget. They were commonly called "Hammerheads" because of their long, curving neck and T-shaped head. They found this nickname offensive.

The Bourget have two mouths and four throats, allowing them to speak in stereo. Female Bourget have two humps on the back of their head, while males had but one. They had glossy, usually brown flesh. They stood roughly between 1.8 to 2.3 meters (5ft 10in. to 7ft 6in.) from eyestalk to toe. Their reflexes and coordination were somewhat slower than that of average humanoids.

In addition to allowing them to speak their unique stereophonic language, the Bourgets' four throats had the ability to violently expel air, resulting in a deafening and concussive scream.

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