• HP: 500

Bowletta is the final boss of Mario and Luigi: Superstar saga. If you are at a relatively low level this will be a tough battle. Once you enter battle, bowletta is most likely to begin with her first attack. Her first attack is where blocks appear above the brothers with the number five on them. You have to hit these five times to disappear. Bowletta is, while your doing this, building up a blast of fire. After about ten seconds she fires a giant blast of fire that singes the brothers in you don't remove the blocks in time to jump to avoid the attack. Bowletta's second attack is another firey one. She clenchs her jaws and breaths out fireballs at the brothers. Some come right at them and you have to dodge, while some fly right past. At the end of the attack there will be three fire balls sitting between you and bowletta. If you don't demolish these Bowletta while take them in and heal herself or or use the fireblast attack and demolish them herself. After Bowletta accumulates enough damage she turns black. Her only attack at this stage is where she opens here mouth and small stars fly out and go above. Giant star the rain down on the brothers. The red ones are for Mario to whack back at Bowleta and the green ones are for Luigi to swat back at bowletta. The purple stars however do no damage to the brothers so don't bother with these. In her black form, Bowletta, like spiny foes, is impervious to jump attacks. After many turns of this Bowletta pauses as if deafeated...

This is a fatal hoax. A Bob-omb runs between the brothers and interupts their celebration by explodes and sending Mario and Luigi down. Bowletta then sucks Mario and his brother down her gullet and to the true final battle of the game.


  • HP: 1200

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