Bowser's Chinese Food is the 43rd video of SML Movies in the style of Dora The Explorer 2000.


Bowser is craving some traditional Chinese food.


The video starts off with Chef Pee Pee about to cook Spaghetti for Bowser Junior. However, Bowser comes and he complains about his Chinese cat taco. Bowser says that he really want authentic and traditional Chinese food as a real Chinese man made it. Chef Pee Pee gets a phone book and sees a dry clean shop number. However, Chef Pee Pee thinks this is a chinese restaurant as the phone number is 1 (800) EGG-ROLL and Chef Pee Pee calls the number. Chef Pee Pee if it's a Chinese restaurant. The Chinese man says to not call anymore. However, Chef PeePee asks if he could make Chinese food.The Chinese man says that just because he's Asian and his eyes are slanted that he can't cook Chinese food. The man says he's racist since calling Asian because thinking all Asian are chinese and his eyes are slant which is stereotypical racist. The man then says that he can cook Chinese food. The man says that on his way to the house that he hit all the cars in the parking lot. The man says that the first thing that they need to do is find an orange tiger and he uses Frosted Flakes as bait. Tony then smells the Frosted Flakes and eats. Chef PeePee and the man tries to capture Tony, but fails. The Chinese man then tackles a cat and starts to cook it. It turns out that Chef PeePee was supposed to chop the cat. Chef PeePee then cooks a squid and Chef PeePee gets the egg for the egg roll. The man gets a sliced bread roll and puts the egg in it. They then have to put the squid and cat on a plate. However, Chef PeePee says that he's not done cooking the squid, but the man says it's supposed to be raw, since it's for sushi. The man then blesses the food. Bowser then comes and the man hides. Bowser compliants the food and Chef Pee Pee claims that he done it by himself. However, the man sees Bowser and thinks he's godzilla. It's then revealed that the man's name is Jackie Chu. Chef PeePee then says that he got help from Jackie Chu. Bowser hires Jackie Chu as his second chef and gives him $50 per hour. Chef PeePee says that isn't and Jackie Chu says it's because he's dumb and he has a PHD and cauculus. Bowser Junior comes and asks where is food is.


  • Chef Pee Pee
  • Bowser
  • Jack (cameo)
  • Mary (cameo)
  • Mel (cameo)
  • Earl (cameo)
  • Flick The Blue Ant (cameo)
  • Jackie Chu (debut)
  • Bowser Junior
  • Tony The Tiger
  • Blooper
  • Chinese Cat
  • Jackie Chan (mentioned)
  • Cat Victim
  • Godzilla (mentioned)
  • Bruce Lee (mentioned)
  • Dora The Explorer (cameo)
  • 3 Chu Kids (mentioned)
  • Kim Chu (indirect mention)


  • This episode is the first episode where Jackie Chu works with Chef Pee Pee.
  • The Chinese text in the thumbnail "食物" means "food".


  • At 4:56, it is unknown how Jackie Chu knew Chef Pee Pee's name.

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