Bowser tries to take over the video game world by rewriting history in order to wipe out various video game heroes. When all hope seems lost, Erica, Buddy, and Ash use the power of song to defeat him.....


  • Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) as Yami/Yugi
  • Erica the Seedrian (My Sonic FC) as Jaden
  • Buddy (MySims) as Yusei
  • Ash's Pikachu (Pokemon) as Kuriboh
  • Bowser (Mario Bros.) as Paradox
  • The Koopalings (Mario Bros.) as Paradox's Monsters


Bowser: Go, my Koopalings! Lay waste to their friends! Rewrite history! And change the FUTURE!! GAHAHAHA! I AM VICTORIOUS!!!!

(Song starts)

Buddy: There's just no way that we can win, his kids are epic beasts.

He fights too well because he's from another time.

Ash: Listen both of you! He's gonna rewrite history! He's gonna wipe out our video games!

Erica: Never!

Ash: Unless we break his little monsters into pieces!

Erica: Homies. We've been through so much stuff.

Buddy: I had to hear Erica rapping.

Ash: That was rough.

Ash/Buddy/Erica: Now it's time to take this sucker down!

Erica: C'mon guys, now it's time to blow doors down!

Buddy: I hear ya Erica, now it's time to blow doors down!

Erica: So make your move 'cuz I'm throwin' a face down!

Ash: Okay, just make sure that you don't summon a weird clown.

Ash/Buddy/Erica: Now we've got to take this sucker down!

Ash: My Pokemon will make sure he won't take us down!

Pikachu: Pi-pi-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-kaa

Bowser: No! How could this happen? How do I take them down!?

Erica: We're gonna beat ya, oh Bowserboss!

No doubt about it, our games rock!

Buddy: As far as villains go video games,

I hate to tell you, you're just cliche!

Ash: That's right! You messed with the wrong show!

We're not just anyone, we're video!

Ash/Buddy/Erica: We're video! (x17)

(Song ends)

Bowser: No no no! No no no no no! NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo!!!.............

Ash: Huh, I think we just killed a man....

Buddy: If anyone asks, Erica did it!

Erica: Heh, YEAH!....Wait, what?!

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