General Info

Boxes may be obtained from bosses in sector mode. The chances of boxes being released by a boss are random, and will increase if there are more players in a room or/and if one or more player/s is using a coin item called a 'Lucky Aura'. There are theories that the time taken to finish the level or to kill the boss may affect the chances, but it has not been confirmed.

Currently boxes come in three different colors:


These boxes contain either head, body or arm parts for a BOT. The parts received correspond to the level being played and usually to the one who had picked it up, but in few cases this is not so. These boxes are the most valuable of the three and are marked with pictures of Hammerhead (Patch) parts, such as a Hammerhead head part for a box containing a head part, and so on.


These boxes contain either shields or shoulder parts. The type of shields or shoulder parts dropped depends on the level being played. A Soft Shoulder marks a box containing a shoulder part.


These boxes contain either guns, E.F.s(Energy Fields) or minibots. The type of gun/minibot contained in the box corresponds to the level being played. A Bi-slider minibot marks a box containing a minibo and a circler for an E.F.

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