Scouting begin in the Manette area in 1915. The minutes of Bethany Baptist Church indicate that Tilicum Troop #1 was led by George Bledsoe as Scoutmaster, David Smith and Paul McHenry as Assistant scoutmasters. Bethany Baptist Church eventually became Manette Community Church. The church minutes of June 8, 1916 indicate an effort to raise money for camping equipment and uniforms.

There is no further mention of Scouting until 1925 when the church applied for a charter to sponsor a Boy Scout Troop. The application was signed by S. F. Dewar, D. A. Buchanan and James Rodger. The troop came into existance in 1926 as Troop #5 with Albert O. Meicho as Scoutmaster and Samuel Sigurdsen as Assistant Scoutmaster. Both of these men served in their positions for the next six years.

Many of the early meetings wwere held in Kravick Lodge, an old shack at 1122 Perry Av nue. This building was an old shack, but it had a large yard and a flag pole. Mr. Sigurdsen later purchased the property and built a home there.

The present day Scout Hall at 2130 East 14th Street was purchased in November, 1931. Scouts gathered rocks from nearby farms. These rocks were used to construct the fireplace. The first fire in the fireplace was started by friction on April 8, 1932 by Scout Clyde Nelson who was killed in W.W.II.

In 1937 the troop was renumbered as 505. It retained this number until 1975 when it was again renumbered as 1505.

The church maintained coutinuous registration of the troop until early in the 21st century.

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