The Bozo Booth was an insane freak show run during the annual Fair on main campus. It was created and performed by a bunk of teenagers whose counselor was Adam Rubinson, and featured light-hearted abuse and pseudo-sadistic fun, like squirting kids with water guns. Most of its activities or games made no real sense, and so it was probably the only truly irreverent, subversive, or "anti-booth" attraction in the history of the Mohawk Fair -- with the feel of a juvenile version of SNL, Letterman, or National Lampoon. It was inspired by their counselor, Rubinson, who was always trying to preoccupy and disarm his really-too-old-to-be-camper wards through off-beat, ironic, and sometimes snide humor and antics. On one fateful trip in the Chevy Suburban to or from Friendly's, when the backseat revolutionaries needed some misdirection, Rubinson suddenly started talking about "Bozo" in non-sequitor phrases as if the children's TV show character were a mythological, god-like character. The original comments are now lost to history, but it cracked up the guys for weeks, leading to many new plays on the original motif. It grew into a kind of older kids' inside joke. One of the campers (Bob? Alex?) may have even created or acquired an image of bozo. The Bozo Booth was the final tribute.

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