Brad Buttowski is the 15-year-old brother of Kick and Brianna, the love interest of Brittney Wong and Mitchie's worst fear appearing in Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil. He has black hair and black eyes. His main outfit is composed of: a gray short sleeved shirt, yellow pants and green shoes. He is voiced by Danny Cooksey (who also voices Dave The Barbarian and Cole Winston). At his age, he is 15 years old.


  • Honey Buttowski (Mother)
  • Harold Buttowski (Father)
  • Kick Buttowski (10-year-old Brother)
  • Brianna Buttowski (8-year-old Sister)
  • Brittney Wong (Love Interest)
  • Mitchie O'Hara (Biggest Fan)


  1. Feeling nice to Brittney
  2. Ruling over Kick
  3. The way he flirts with Mitchie


  1. Losing his focus
  2. Being a coward
  3. Ruining his life

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